Expert Witness Testimony

If your divorce must go before a judge, you will need the help of expert witness testimony to support your case. Because a lawyer is not allowed to testify on a client’s behalf, bringing in the assistance of a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) to provide expert witness testimony will bolster your case and bring invaluable, impartial financial information to the settlement table.

At Divorce Financial Solutions, we are equipped to provide divorce expert witness testimony that will be based in thorough financial research and analysis. Our CDFA, Veralynn Morris, has been helping clients navigate their financial futures for over 30 years and she is recognized as a financial expert who can be counted on to provide testimony on behalf of her clients. We serve clients in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Washington County, Howard County, and Garrett County.

An expert witness for divorce can not only bolster your case, but they can also streamline the process and make your divorce move more quickly by providing unarguable financial facts that can provide the basis for your property settlement, including asset allocation, child support calculations, net worth calculation, and much more. While expert witness testimony may sound like a service that should only be needed for dramatic divorce disputes, the truth is that many separating couples can benefit from the input of an experienced financial analyst. For people who are self-employed, expert witness testimony from a CDFA can provide a much more realistic picture of their actual pay when factors such as overhead expenses and taxes are taken into account.

There are so many factors that go into the creation of a complete financial picture that it requires the assistance of an expert. While your lawyer will help you navigate the legal process, they have no training in financial matters so they will not have an understanding of the long-term tax implications of a divorce or how to properly value a pension. Only a trained financial professional will be equipped to answer these questions and by adding a CDFA to your advocacy team, they will be able to work in tandem with your lawyer to streamline your divorce process and help you secure a settlement that will help you both now and in the future. For divorce expert testimony that you can trust to act in your best interest and help you secure a better outcome, trust Veralynn Morris at Divorce Financial Solutions.