Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony from a certified financial analyst (CDFA®) is highly beneficial for divorce cases litigated in open court. A lawyer may present evidence of financial matters on behalf of a client. While family law attorneys are experts in navigating the legal process, they are not qualified to provide substantive advice on financial matters such as pension valuation and interpreting the tax implications of divorce. Further, applicable Maryland imposes limitations on the nature and scope of financial guidance that attorneys can provide to clients.

Testimony from an expert financial witness can bolster the advocacy of a case with factual, incontrovertible financial data regarding asset allocation, child support calculations, net worth projections, and many more areas impactful to the process of drafting and ratifying marital property settlements. Testimony from Veralynn Morris has facilitated meaningful dialogue toward settlement and promoted judicial economy in contentious divorce matters. Legal professionals and judges have relied on her to furnish comprehensive analysis and an impartial view of the financial assets in question. Her input has led to the expedient adjudication and settlement of many complex cases.

Divorce Financial Solutions serves clients in the State of Maryland in the following jurisdictions: Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Howard and Garrett Counties. Divorce Financial Solutions is equipped to provide expert witness testimony that is founded upon client-centered, customized in-depth financial research and analysis. Our CDFA®, Veralynn Morris, has provided competent financial guidance to clients for nearly four decades. She has been recognized as a trustworthy financial expert who can be counted on to provide testimony on behalf of her individual clients as well as upon request of counsel. Veralynn Morris has a proven record of achieving optimal results and desired outcomes for the best interests of her clients.

The use of expert witness testimony may also benefit non-contentious separating couples that hold complex or non-traditional assets. Veralynn Morris has been able to provide this service to couples who fall into this category. For example, in the case of a party or parties who are self-employed, her expert witness testimony as a CDFA® can enhance and produce equitable settlement negotiations. It can be relied upon for unveiling a more realistic picture of actual revenue by assessing factors such as overhead costs and taxation in tandem with actual income.

There are so many factors that go into the creation of a complete financial picture that it requires the assistance of an expert. While your lawyer will help you navigate the legal process, they have no training in financial matters so they will not have an understanding of the long-term tax implications of a divorce or how to properly value a pension. Only a trained financial professional will be equipped to answer these questions and by adding a CDFA® to your advocacy team, they will be able to work in tandem with your lawyer to streamline your divorce process and help you secure a settlement that will help you both now and in the future. For divorce expert testimony that you can trust to act in your best interest and help you secure a better outcome, trust Veralynn Morris at Divorce Financial Solutions.